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Let us help design your next industrial networking product

Short on resources but want to use our netX chip? Hardware and software engineering services are one of our specialties and over the years we have worked on many well-known products. Our expertise in industrial Ethernet solutions is unique in automation.

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We have developed master and slave network solutions for PLCs, barcode readers, drives, MMIs, etc. If you have special protocol requirements and need a gateway, we can implement custom modules in one of our existing protocol converters such as netTAP or netIC.

Often we can modify and customize an existing hardware design to meet your unique needs, thus saving time and money. We have created many specialized hardware and software interfaces for proprietary host interfaces. Since networking is our passion we can quickly and accurately develop an interface for almost any application.

If you want to use netX as more than a network solution to take advantage of its built-in UARTs (7), color LCD display driver, real time clock, USB port, I2C, SPI, AD-converter, PWM, or encoder as a System On Chip, then a joint project is possible. We will provide the hardware and stack; you simply add your IP and product expertise to the board.