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HILSCHER netX CHIPnetX - the universal connectivity solution

Ever tried to make sense of the myriad automation networking protocols and despaired in the face of the wide variety of solutions involved? If you've ever wondered how to efficiently make your product communicate with any protocol without costly development work, then wonder no more. netX is an elegant way to meet just about any industrial connectivity need, only requiring software changes to turn one device into another. Imagine a single solution for your next generation network controller - well, that's netX.

netX can be a device interface with the flexibility to easily and rapidly connect your devices to popular fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet. It can also be a network controller, an HMI, a drive or a PLC. It can offer easy and fast migration paths to future product ranges and it can support a range of networking strategies. In short, netX can be almost anything. We supply the hardware and stacks; all you have to do is implement them in your devices.

Every netX chip offers two fieldbus channels and two Ethernet channels, with enough on-board power to run simple applications. All popular OSs are supported. We can also supply the hardware you'll need, from evaluation boards to full development kits and tools. In other words, we deliver the work horse - how you use netX is up to you.

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How can netX be deployed?

Our connectivity potential is impressive: