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For embedded master and slave functionality

comX - the modular Industrial Ethernet interface

If you're looking for a simple way to add Real-Time Ethernet to your next automation product, but you don't want to deal with different designs or protocol stacks, a comX module based on our netX chip is the solution you need. Flexibility is the key! A single header allows the addition of different modules providing almost universal connectivity. The modules have their own processor, fieldbus transceivers and connectors, plus two Ethernet jacks and integrated switch or hub functions. A simple common driver interface via dual port memory allows the exchange of I/O data and messages.

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Networks include masters and slaves, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Powerlink, Modbus-TCP, EtherCAT and SERCOS III (slave only), with the following benefits:

  • Two Ethernet ports with switch and hub for line topologies
  • System/status/link/activity LEDs
  • 8 or 16-bit host application interface
  • USB & UART diagnostic interface
  • Direct process data access
  • It has the same dimensions as and is pin-compatible with our COM-C module
  • Short 'time-to-market'
  • Unified user interface for the various protocols
  • Ten-year availability commitment
  • A master configuration tool based on FDT/DTM technology that can be easily integrated into host applications

With comX you gain fast product development, simple engineering, and rapid configuration using SYCON.net to obtain a common look-and-feel for your network configuration tools. Why not see for yourself? First, download our technical brochure here. Then contact Phil Marshall for more information about comX and your products.