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PRODUCT NEWS: Add Industrial Networking to PC-based Controls


How do you combine PC controls with automation industry networks? Consider Hilscher’s cifX cards. The industry-leading cifX PC Cards are the easiest and most flexible way to add industrial networking to your PC-based control applications.

Based on Hilscher’s multi-protocol netX chip, cifX cards are the ultimate network controllers, supporting all real-time Ethernet protocols as well as popular fieldbuses, as masters and slaves. All cards use the same API and the same tools, so your networking options are unlimited. Simply change firmware if you want to change protocols.

The cifX cards are available in all common PC card formats, such as PCI and PCI Express, Compact PCI, Mini PCI and PCI 104. Data exchange with the host is via dual-port memory (DPM) or direct memory access (DMA). A wide range of device drivers is supported, including Linux, Windows, QNX and OPC, and the cards include a free C Toolkit. Learn more.


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