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IIoT NEWS 1: SAP Connector Supports Bi-Directional Data Exchange

Summer 2017

Hilscher has co-developed with SAP the netIOT SAP Connector, an interface to enable bi-directional connectivity of sensor/actuator data via Hilscher's netIOT Edge Gateway to the SAP Asset Intelligence Network and the SAP Cloud Platform.

The move supports the maintenance of the "digital twin" of an asset, from development through installation, operation and service. A live demonstration of the features for discrete manufacturing was shown on the SAP booth at the recent Hannover Fair.

The new functionalities provide added value as follows:

  • Device manufacturers can access their devices regardless of the PLC and the production network.
  • Integrated and preventive installation and maintenance can be done.
  • Device manufacturers can monitor and improve the usage of products in the field.
  • New business models such as pay-per-use and function-based billing are now within reach.

The essential benefit is a topology scan by Hilscher's netIOT Edge Gateway, which allows live updates between planned, and the as-installed structure, of plant assets. In addition, access down to the field level from the SAP Asset Intelligence Network is enabled. Implementation of the reference architectures defined by Platform Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet Consortium is also possible.