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Expanding Range of PC Cards Has Infinite Connectivity Potential

As competitors shrink their PC card ranges, Hilscher expands theirs!  Hilscher cifX PC Cards add real-time communications to PC-based controls, such IPCs, HMIs and robotics. The cifX family of network interfaces supports all popular Real Time Ethernet and Fieldbus systems.  It encompasses all common PC card formats and is the easiest and quickest way to add network connectivity to products and systems.  There's unified access and use so, for example, drivers for one card type will work with other card formats of a similar network type simply by loading alternative firmware.

As PC-based automation evolves, Hilscher's cifX PC card family keeps pace. Available formats include PCI, PCI Express, Compact PCI, Low profile PCIe, Mini PCIe, half-height PCI express, Mini PCI, PCI/104 and PCI 104, and all popular RTE and Fieldbus protocols are supported.  NEW to the cifX line is the M.2 format PCI Express card (pictured next to a US Quarter for size comparison).

Each card comes with the appropriate pre-certified protocol loaded. The protocol stack is executed autonomously on the card and process data exchange with the host is done via Dual-Port-Memory or DMA (Direct Memory Access).

Thanks to the common Hilscher Platform Strategy all PC cards use the same driver and tools - independent of protocol and card format. Thanks to Hilscher's netX chips there is only one hardware type needed for the realization of all Real Time Ethernet protocols. The protocol is changed by loading different firmware.

A vast range of connectors and accessories are also available to offer the right solution for any application, for example, different cable lengths, M-12 connectors, additional NVRAM, extended temperature range, 2-channel cards or detached network interfaces.    In addition, a wide range of device drivers and a C-Toolkit, free of charge, can be supplied.
With continuous expansion for new standards, protocols and formats, as M.2, mini PCIe half-size or CC-Link IE Field, customers are always prepared for new market demands.
Download the cifX Cards Datasheet for more information.