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Cost-effective Gateways Offer PROFINET Connectivity Within Minutes for DeviceNet Industrial Networks

With all the automation network protocols available today, device makers have more options than ever. One-protocol manufacturers looking to expand their market must produce devices that are compatible with other industrial networks. Operations running Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers (PLC) could only use DeviceNet drives which may be costly or not readily available.


Fortunately, a simple hardware solution can get the job done quickly with another manufacturer’s drive. One such device, Hilscher’s netTAP 50, enables this seamless connectivity without incurring large efforts or costs.


The netTAP 50 allows drive manufacturers to replace customer drives with their own, even if networks are mismatched, expanding their available market. The netTAP 50, which is an OEM-quality gateway at an entry-level price point, features an Ethernet or serial connection on one side and one of several possible fieldbus connections (DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, etc.) on the other. Configuration is easily done with Hilscher’s free software, SYCON.net, and allows multiple conversion combinations for the provided physical connectors which would include configuration already onboard. With a special part number, Hilscher can even provide it preconfigured for larger use-case opportunities. 


The netTAP 50 is a cost-effective gateway for simple industrial automation network conversions. It converts one-port real-time Ethernet or serial to any one of multiple fieldbuses provided the physical connector matches. Conversion times are less than 20 ms which makes it suitable for almost all applications. The device is small and compact enough to easily fit into other devices such as scales or valves. Its compact design and robust capabilities make it an excellent low-cost solution.


Other features of netTAP 50 include:


DIN rail mounting

Configuration and diagnostics over Ethernet interface



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