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TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Hilscher netX Supports OPC UA+TSN Initiative

Winter 2017

Hilscher has thrown its weight behind an initiative by the Avnu Alliance (Avnu), the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), and the OPC Foundation to show the progress in bringing the open, unified communication standard OPC UA over Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) to market. 

Avnu, IIC and OPC Foundation leaders came together at the recent SPS IPC Drives Fair to confirm their commitment to ongoing work. With the rapid adoption of TSN as a foundational technology for automation, the community is increasingly relying on an interoperable set of network services and infrastructure, "said Todd Walter, Avnu Alliance Industrial Segment Chair.By leveraging the liaison agreements of Avnu, IIC and OPC Foundation, we're creating a faster process for the creation of open, interoperable device ecosystems." 

Armin Puehringer, Hilscher's Business Development Manager (6th from right in our picture), said: "We are already big supporters of OPC UA and TSN. Our netX processors provide a future-proofed base for both, as well as for their expected extensions. OPC UA and TSN together are predicted to deliver a new level of interoperability for automation and provide easier integration and migration for Industrie 4.0 deployments. Our netX chips will support shorter time to market across a broad scale of applications." AVNU ALLIANCE, OPC FOUNDATION, IIC.