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SPS FAIR NEWS: Edge Gateways Support Greater Asset Integration

Winter 2017

Two demonstrations at SPS/IPC/Drives Fair in Germany late November showed how Hilscher Edge Gateways are supporting Industrie 4.0 asset management strategies from major IT service providers:


Automated smart quality management system, developed by IBM Business Partner X-INTEGRATE: This is an extended form of predictive maintenance that identifies potential quality problems in order to plan maintenance, spot assembly errors or even halt production processes automatically. Sensors record data from machines and systems and the key data are evaluated locally within the Hilscher netIOT Edge Gateway. The system uploads results to the IBM Cloud where they are processed further by IBM's SPSS statistics solution. By continuous comparison of the calculated wear and tear data and the actual situation, a mathematical model is constantly refined, so quality predictions are improved with increasing operations. A demonstration model was shown on the Hilscher booth.



A native interface linking the Hilscher netIOT Edge Gateway to the asset structures of the SAP Asset Intelligence Network was shown on the SAP Booth. A device description interpreter in the Edge Gateway ensures the identification of all devices found by the topology recognition feature developed by Hilscher. The objective of the joint SAP and Hilscher development was to enable the digitalization of an authorized OT assets infrastructure and the recognition of deviations between the actual and the digitalized infrastructure in the SAP AIN. Faulty or unauthorized electronic components can be identified and exchanged at any time. Additional trend analysis enables proactive maintenance management instead of the usual reactive maintenance measures.