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ASSET MANAGEMENT NEWS: EPLAN Collaboration Adds Value to "Digital Twin" Concept

Winter 2017

Hilscher as provider of the unique DI Portal for automation, and EPLAN as provider of the EPLAN Data Portal, are working on a joint solution to bring added value to cloud-based asset management networks. The portals contain complementary information and the aim is to support the "digital twin" as a model for the as-is and as-planned structure of a plant.

An example was shown in conjunction with SAP at SPS/IPC/Drives in late November. With the assistance of the Asset Intelligence Network Connector on the netIOT Edge Gateway from Hilscher, the SAP AIN scanned a plant topology continuously. Changes, for example the installation of a new sensor, were automatically detected. If the wrong replacement was installed, the system gave a notification. The "digital twin" in the SAP AIN stays in line with the real world allowing the plant to be optimized over its life cycle. If a sensor fails, maintenance staff can utilize the EPLAN viewer to access information needed for troubleshooting.