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TSN “On Demand” Webinar Co-Hosted by Hilscher

Another technology vital to the future of automation is Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), which is under development by the IEC. TSN adds a series of sub-standards to the basic Ethernet specification to enable multiple networks to be synchronized horizontally and vertically across an automation hierarchy so that everything operates to the same time schedule.  Major industrial protocols are supporting the TSN development and each will upgrade their protocols to take advantage of the opportunities it brings.  Hilscher’s netX 90 and netX 4000 chips are already conformant to the first phases of the standard and will be fully TSN compliant once the work is complete.   A webinar organized by Putnam was recently co-hosted by Hilscher CEO Phil Marshall.  It’s a great introduction to the TSN concepts and worth watching.   It’s available “on demand” HERE.