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WHITE PAPER: Future-Proof Chip Connects Devices to the IIoT

Future-proof your automation devices with Hilscher’s new netX 90 chip. The IIoT-ready chip includes built-in security and supports Fieldbus, Real Time Ethernet and IIoT protocols. 




The netX 90 is a unique chip designed for next-generation slave connectivity. The chip confronts the fact that a large proportion of slave devices in use today will have to be replaced and/or updated if the perils of cyber risk are to be countered adequately in our increasingly connected IIoT world. netX 90 is a dual processor chip with all the network connectivity common to Hilscher products, including easy firmware updating of protocols. It’s divided into two halves: popular RTE and fieldbus protocols are supported on the network-facing side while a plethora of device-specific protocols (I/O, EnDat, Biss, and many other peripherals) are supported on the applications (slave-facing) side. In between are some common features such as on-chip diagnostics.


Importantly, there are many options for developing security processes meeting latest IEC 62443 specifications, the key thing being that the two segments are functionally separated so that attacks over the network are isolated from the slave side. JTAG developers’ kits are available and there’s a SoC solution called netRAPID 90 featuring netX 90 mounted on a small PCB, for direct embedding onto a motherboard.  DOWNLOAD NOW