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PRODUCT NEWS: Edge Gateway Updates

Hilscher has enhanced its netIOT Edge Gateways with

three important updates to the netIOT software:


Passive Monitoring: The netIOT Passive Fieldbus Connectivity feature is used for reading and processing data from PROFINET, EtherCAT or other Real Time Ethernet networks. In this mode the Gateway is invisible to other network device and does not require extensive reprogramming of the PLC controller. It simply allows data from the network to be accessed independently of network operations, for example via an OPC UA server, or Node-RED, or an application running in a Docker environment.


SAP Asset Intelligence Network Connectivity: This native client connects shop floor components with the SAP Leonardo-based SAP Asset Intelligence Network. Its main focus is the digital representation of shop floor facilities for Industry 4.0. implementations. Asset digitization is realized automatically after which the state of the installation can be saved in the SAP Asset Intelligence Network. Deviations are detected and notified to the user, leading to better maintenance plans, working advisories and documentation, more collaborative practices and better predictive maintenance methods.


Edge Server: The Edge Server adds semantic information to process data directly and automatically via device description files. Currently IO-Link, PROFINET RPC and SNMP devices are supported. The Edge Server service runs in the background and is invisible to the network. Edge Server can simplify engineering significantly. In many cases there is no need to do the fieldbus access, pre-processing and filtering in Node-RED or other applications running in Docker.