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IIoT NEWS 2: Device Information Portal Delivers the Data Needed for Full IIoT Deployment

Summer 2017

Ever tried to find the Electronic Device Description Files for your plant? Then you know how challenging it is to pull together the data for all your devices. Multiple vendors, out-of-date files and uncooperative web sites all contrive to make life difficult.

Recognizing the critical importance of this issue - largely due to its close collaboration with major IT vendors who are pioneering cloud-based systems now - Hilscher has taken the initiative to create a resource where all data can be stored and retrieved easily and quickly. Hilscher has built the infrastructure and is encouraging automation vendors, including competitors, to upload their device data, to enable "single point access" for IIoT systems. Increasing numbers of vendors are seeing the value of this project: if they don't participate, they reason, they risk being left out of IIoT projects being engineered by those major IT vendors. DEVICE INFORMATION PORTAL