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IIOT CONNECTIVITY: Chip Carrier Multiprotocol Solution

Chip Carrier Multiprotocol solution


Meet netRAPID 90, the fast and easy way to integrate popular Real-time Ethernet protocols into devices and systems. Everything you need is on a single chip-carrier that’s “ready-to-solder.” It uses the netX 90 chip, which is Hilscher’s newest slave-level device chip for IIoT connectivity. IEC 62343-compliant systems can be built using netRAPID 90 and, with the dual-architecture stacks described below, to introduce OPC UA and MQTT directly into sensors today.

Hilscher’s netX 90 chip is the first “connectivity” chip to address all the issues involved in IIOT and Industry 4.0 applications. It combines Hilscher’s years of experience in industrial communications with advanced operational and security features and is capable of interconnecting virtually any field device to Real-time Ethernet (RTE) protocols safely and securely.

netX 90 uses multiple ARM cores to provide logical separation of the application from the communications, safeguarding devices from cyber-intrusion. Systems can be designed in accordance with IEC 62443 (incorporating HTTPS, TLS, etc) and integrated on the netRAPID chip carrier; it’s virtually “ready-to-use”.  Integrated security ensures your device never compromises in the field. It can cut development costs, and significantly shorten your “time to market”.

With netRAPID 90, field devices can easily be made Industry 4.0 and IIoT-ready today. Using Hilscher’s latest Dual Stack architecture (see separate story) it can even integrate IIOT-necessary solutions such as OPC UA and MQT right into your device’s infrastructure making them IIOT-ready from the off.

netRAPID 90 is delivered fully tested and preloaded for immediate use. As with all Hilscher gateway product the RTE protocol can easily be changed to suit whatever your customer needs.

Energy efficient and with 10 x 10mm, it is the smallest multiprotocol SoC for all Industrial Ethernet, Fieldbus and IIoT standards. Two ARM Cortex M4 processors clearly separate communication and application tasks.

DOWNLOAD netX 90 and netRAPID 90 whitepaper