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IIoT NEWS: Request Your Copy of New IIoT White Paper

Spring 2017

A major White Paper on Hilscher's netIoT Edge Gateway is under preparation, for publication in the next couple of weeks. It promises to be a big "eye-opener" because it details how to achieve industrial IoT benefits today with this powerful and versatile gateway. Based on open source software components and built with security in mind, netIoT Edge Gateway is a key contributor to the IIoT scenario. It's capable of monitoring and acquiring data from a network in a variety of ways and converting it for IIoT use easily ... at a disruptively low cost!

OPC UA and MQTT are important elements. Key to its ease of use is Node-RED, a open-source graphics-based data flow editor with which anyone can configure the device in minutes. Another key ingredient is its Docker capability. Docker is a "container" application that enables third party software to run inside the device in a totally secure way. Third party polling, maintenance, analysis and data acquisition apps are plentiful, meaning that the gateway can be turned into a powerful on-premises front-end device for bringing automation systems (OT) and Information Technology (IT) systems together in many different ways .. and without undermining existing equipment or budgets. Sound good? Then EMAIL Phil Marshall to ask for a copy as soon as it is available.