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IIoT NEWS: Device Information Portal Debuts

Spring 2017

Are you connected to Hilscher's IIoT-targetted web pages yet? CHECK THEM OUT HERE . It's the perfect way to keep abreast of all the latest IoT news, particularly the leading role Hilscher is playing in pushing the boundaries of next generation automation systems. There's a blog to participate in and general news about the industry. There's also a page for applications.

The site is growing all the time. NEW is Hilscher's unique DEVICE INFORMATION PORTAL , a special initiative designed to help the world find the device data it needs to support IIoT systems automatically and FAST. Launching at the forthcoming Hannover Fair, the Portal is a neutral place where all vendors, including Hilscher's competitors, can upload their device data so that anyone - SI, OEM or end user - can access it from a single location. DEVICE INFORMATION PORTAL