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netRAPID 90 Chip-Carrier Module Makes netX 90 Deployment Easy and Quick

Another way to use the netX 90 is by integrating it as part of the netRAPID 90 chip-carrier solution.  Everything you need is on a single module that’s “ready-to-solder.” Hilscher takes care of all communications functions, including comms stack and on-chip peripherals. You only add the network specific connector and transformer, LEDs and power. Hilscher’s automated production line allows manufacture in quantities down to one-offs. Updated tests show that netRAPID 90 can withstand operating temperatures of 85 degrees C with no airflow. Customer-developed application software can be pre-loaded and tested to save money and effort during vendor device production.

The netRAPID 90 is a scalable embedded platform with different flash and SDRAM memory options. It can be used as a standalone solution or as a pure companion chip.  With the on-module netX 90 chip, netRAPID 90 supports all popular comms protocols such as Fieldbuses, Real-Time Ethernets and IIoT protocols (OPC UA and MQTT), and it has connectivity for many sensor-level standards such as IO-Link, EnDat, CAN, BiSS and others.It measures 15 x 32 mm and is attracting interest from many sectors of automation, according to Hilscher Product Manager Christof Hunger (pictured). “We’ve had interest from remote I/O, machine vision, weighing system sensor and encoder vendors. netRAPID 90 can support all these applications, and many more.” About two thirds are new applications and new customers for our module business, says Hunger, which is “a great success”, while the rest are customers looking for attractive options to upgrade existing products.

Adds Hunger, “To reduce costs and increase flexibility, we’ve established a robotic production line at our factory in Hattersheim, Germany, to automatically produce loaded and tested netRAPID 90 modules in quantities down to one-off.   Modules are assembled on an SMD machine in large numbers and will be tested and programmed per customer order on our autonomous robot-cell. Doing this we can offer netRAPID 90 as a ready-to-use a communication module that is always up-to-date with the latest firmware, even with customer specific content.”

A big advantage of this approach is that time and effort are reduced for the vendor. Customer specific software can also be loaded, helping to cut a vendor’s costs even further since there is no need for time-consuming part obsolescence management, or BGA production and qualification processes.

In addition, with its integrated Crypto-Core, netRAPID 90 is well prepared for upcoming security functions like TLS for CIP Security or secure boot to protect against malware attacks. With its scalable architecture, built-in security and multi-protocol support, netRAPID 90 is the ideal basis for secure field and cloud connectivity.