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Hilscher has announced the availability of a Real-Time Ethernet to Real-Time Ethernet Coupler that enables CC-Link IE and PROFINET networks to interoperate.  


The coupler – designated NT 151-CCIES-RE/PNS - works as a slave device on both sides. Its key functionality is to allow both network masters to interoperate. The upper two RJ45 ports connect to CC-LINK IE Field GBit network; the two lower ones to PROFINET 100Mbit. 


The coupler enables plant manufacturers with CC-LINK IE networked machines to map their data transparently in overlaying PROFINET networks, and allows the mapping of data from PROFINET machines to CC-Link IE. So if a machine relies on CC-LINK technology and is sold in Japan, the same machine can now be sold to Germany, where PROFINET is the state of the art protocol, using the coupler in between the PLC and machine.


The simple bridge between the two networks dramatically reduces the engineering work that has traditionally been necessary to achieve integration across these two network architectures. Hilscher collaborated in the development of the coupler's specification, which was developed jointly by PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International) and CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association).



The coupler supports:


A mapping model for data from both sides 

Diagnostics for coupler and networks 

A SYCON.NET-based DTM configurator


The netTAP 151 family includes gateways for linking various real-time Industrial Ethernet protocols. netTAP 151