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IIoT NEWS: Development Boards for Next Generation IIoT Chips

Fall 2017

The new Hilscher netX chips designed with IIoT in mind nearing mass production and if you're designing next-generation automation products you really need to look into their performance and security benefits. The netX 90 is designed to be embedded in field devices to enable direct connection from sensor to cloud, while netX 4000 is an automation platform aimed at the rising market for IIoT-enabled master/controller systems. They both feature TWO CPUs, one handling the classic Hilscher networking comms and the other running applications software. This functional separation underpins security by isolating the network from the application. Many other security and diagnostic features are incorporated, enabling both devices to support layered security in compliance with IEC 62443. Development Boards, including tools and software, will be available for netX 4000 (top pic) by end of Sept, and netX 90 (middle pic) by end November. CONTACT John Martin. More on netX 90 and netX 4000