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IIOT MULTI-STACK ARCHITECTURE: Dual Stack Delivers I/O and Semantic Data in Parallel

Dual Stack Delivers I/O and Semantic Data in Parallel


The netIOT software stack for Hilscher’s range of IIoT chips and devices now has an independent channel for parsing I/O data and adding meaningful information before transmission to the cloud.  This is entirely separate from, but working in parallel with, the standard I/O data stream. Cloud data and I/O control processes work entirely separately, which means the PLC is never overloaded or distracted.  This dual stack architecture means new types of sensor data could be generated for use in isolation from the control processes.

netIOT software for IIoT applications is now able to serve three separate needs simultaneously.  There’s a RAW Ethernet channel for Internet functions such as FTP, TCP and HTTP transmission, used via a separate PHY.  In addition there are now two separate channels for I/O control and IIoT. This dual stack architecture is unique to Hilscher netIOT products.

The conventional Real-time Ethernet (RTE) channel for cyclic and acyclic control I/O data stays as it is. New is a parallel RTE channel for connecting field data to IIoT applications via OPC UA and MQTT. This second channel is isolated from the main I/O data stream and operates independently of any control processes, even though both are connected to the same network.

Importantly, this second RTE channel is object-based and able to parse data from the sensors. This means it can add semantic metadata to data streams and therefore deliver meaningful information (such as degrees C or RPM) to an IIoT data stream, which can then be analyzed locally or sent to the cloud via an Edge gateway.  For sensor vendors it opens up the possibility that new types of sensor data could be generated by field devices, to enhance life cycle management.

Dual stack functionality is supported by the netX 51, netX 52, netX 4000 and netX 90 chips, so is available from any Hilscher interface or gateway product that uses these. Contact Hilscher for more information.