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netX STUDIO CDT Toolkit Simplifies netX 90 Application Development

To make configuring netX 90 even easier, Hilscher has enhanced its netX STUDIO configuration tool to include all the components needed in one package. netX STUDIO CDT provides simple drop-down menus for configuring all the available parameters for both the chip and the firmware. The “CDT” stands for “C/C++ Development Toolkit” and is a set of Eclipse plug-ins for C code development. netX STUDIO CDT builds upon previous versions by providing flashing, de-bugging, editing and pin assignment tools, plus a Doxygen document generator. The biggest benefit? A 50% reduction in programming and configuration time!

John Martin, Product Manager (pictured), is full of praise for what he sees as a major enhancement to the netX STUDIO package. Using words such as “transformational,” Martin explained how netX STUDIO has been available for some time for netX chips like the netX 51 and netX 100. This new version, netX STUDIO CDT, pulls together missing components that previously had to be downloaded from various on-line resources. “At last, we have a complete solution,” he says, “and it’s my belief that it can reduce the time spent on programming and configuring the netX 90 by up to 50%.”

In particular, the pin assignment tool in netX STUDIO CDT will save significant debugging time by only allowing valid pin configurations. Configuration in the past required three independent steps for pin definition of features during hardware, firmware and application programming. With netX STUDIO CDT, information from each step is automatically imported into the next step. This prevents pins from being misidentified during the configuration process and eliminates the potential for days of debugging.

It’ll actually transform the whole netX chip market, believes Martin, as the new netX STUDIO CDT version will cover the netX 50, netX 100 and new netX 90 markets too.   “I’m tempted to describe the introduction as ‘phenomenal’ but that might be pushing things too far!”

With its integrated compiler, Python-based scripts, an Open OCD debugger and the flasher, netX STUDIO CDT offers a “comfortable development and debugging environment” adds Martin. “Code can be developed and tested without limitation in conjunction with the netX software development board. Doxygen services automatically create reference material for maintainers.”