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New M.2 PC Card Has Master and Slave Functionality


The latest addition to Hilscher's cifX range of PC cards is a communications controller designed for fast-emerging M.2 format markets. It comes in the popular 30x42 mm size, which is specifically aimed at space-limited applications, and is the first to offer master and slave capability together in one M.2 package.  The M.2 format allows many add-in functions to be included into systems in tight spaces, along with real-time network connectivity. The card is B+M keyed and can be used with any of Hilscher's 19 master and slave communication protocol stacks. It comes with drivers for the most common operating systems. 


cifX M3042100BM incorporates Hilscher's netX 100 chip, which supports both master and slave communications.  The functionality is loaded in firmware and users can choose from any of Hilscher's 19 fully certified protocol stacks covering all popular Real-Time Ethernet and fieldbus protocols. For a listing of the protocols available, please see HERE.


The market for compact devices such as vision systems, touch panels or slim box-IPCs is fast growing, especially in space-limited applications. Tablets, touch panels, slim box-IPCs all place severe space constraints on processing and comms, as do implementations in highly specialized machines such as optical inspection systems. 


cifX M3042100BM enables a single product design to be used in many different market situations.  Only the physical connection to the chosen network needs to be changed. One integration with the new card therefore opens the door to many network adaptations, minimizing inventories.


As with all of Hilscher’s PC cards, the cifX M3042100BM is configured with Hilscher's SYCON.net software giving access to the full range of stacks plus drivers for the most common operating systems.