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New Support Specialist for IoT and Gateways


Hilscher builds on its excellent reputation for high-quality support by welcoming Shahin Shahsavarani as the new IIoT and Technical Support Specialist. Shahin brings a wealth of expertise to the position and a passion for detail-oriented application development and support. He has worked with Hilscher solutions in the past, including our netPI Raspberry Pi gateway, and is proficient in a wide range of software and programming languages. He is certified in several critical IoT areas, including Internet networking, security, and intrusion prevention. Shahin will support new and ongoing IIoT projects as well as Hilscher’s standard netTAP and netLINK gateways.


Shahin will work closely with Craig Lentzkow, IIoT Business Development Manager. Says Craig, “Shahin brings 10 years of experience working with customers as an Integrator, solving their industrial control and IIoT problems. His critical thinking capabilities and considerable technical skills makes him a valuable resource for our IIoT customers.”


Shahin will also support our standard and IIoT gateway solutions that are sold through the Hilscher Distribution Channel. Says Victor Wolowec, National Distribution Channel Sales Manager, “Shahin is a vital part of our continued growth in the traditional and IIoT gateway market. His programming skills and networking experience gives Hilscher unique capabilities to assist our distributors and their customers.”


Contact Shahin at us.support@hilscher.com.