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netX 90 Communication Chip Certified for EtherNet/IP and PROFINET

Hilscher’s award-winning netX 90 network-controller has passed rigorous certification testing for conformance with EtherNet/IP and PROFINET specifications. netX 90 is the smallest multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC) on the market and supports all Real-Time Ethernet, Fieldbus and IoT protocols, such as OPC UA and MQTT, for future-proof designs. Two of the leading global industrial communications organizations, ODVA and PI, performed conformance testing on the netX 90 chip, as mounted on the chip-carrier module, the netRAPID 90. The module passed conformance tests for the Real-time Ethernet protocols: EtherNet/IP (ODVA) and PROFINET (PI).

Due to its tiny size, low power consumption, and built-in security features, the netX 90 is the ideal solution to network enable field devices, such as sensors, encoders, remote I/O and other peripherals. It features a dual ARM Core to securely separate communication and application functions, and it can be used as a single SoC or a co-processor chip.

EtherNet/IP Conformance

ODVA is the standards development organization for the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and network adaptations of CIP, including EtherNet/IP™ and DeviceNet™. ODVA issues a Declaration of Conformity (DOC) to ODVA CONFORMANT™ products that comply with the ODVA specifications. Hilscher’s netRAPID 90 with netX 90 chip received DOC in July to certify compliance with EtherNet/IP communications.

Several features of the netX 90 make it ideal for EtherNet/IP applications. These include:


  • CIP Sync™
  • CIP Safety™ through a “Black Channel”
  • DLR/QOS Support
  • Multiprotocol Support, including DeviceNet
  • Internal PHYs
  • Hardware-based Encryption
  • CIP Security™ (Pending)


PROFINET Conformance

PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI) is responsible for the PROFIBUS and PROFINET communication technologies. The organization issued Certificate No: Z12819 in July 2020, to certify compliance of the netX 90 PROFINET Stack for PROFINET Version 5.3, according to specification v2.35. It was certified on the netRAPID 90 embedded module for reaching Conformance Class C, Netload Class III, and the optional features Legacy, FSU, and MRP.

The PROFINET Real-Time Ethernet protocol stack is fully integrated into a netX loadable firmware (LFW) to provide a common set of functions as ready-to-use firmware:


  • Real-time Data Exchange, with cycle times as low as 250 µs
  • Alarms and Diagnostics
  • Identification and Maintenance
  • SNMP Support
  • Shared Devices, Asset management
  • PROFIenergy ASE


By implementing netX 90 in their products, devices makers and OEMS get connectivity to all popular Real-Time Ethernet and Fieldbus networks and gain the certainty that they are using a solution certified for compliance by the largest global industrial communications organizations.

For more information about netX 90, visit https://www.hilscher.com/products/product-groups/network-controller/asics/netx-90/.

For more information about netRAPID 90, visit https://www.hilscher.com/products/product-groups/embedded-modules/netx-chip-carrier/nrpeb-h90-re/.