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netFIELD – A Solution Portfolio for Simplifying IIoT Deployment

Hilscher is launching an innovative solutions portfolio to address the complex challenges of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). netFIELD is a highly versatile, value-driven solution comprised of Edge Devices, containerized applications, and cloud-based services.  The portfolio offers many possible use cases for OEMs, component manufacturers and end-user manufacturers. Read the whitepaper for more information. The netFIELD solution enables vendors to focus on their own domain knowledge, while implementing a ready-made IIoT communication infrastructure.  Benefits range from remote support of customer equipment to offering "Manufacturing as a Service" leasing options alongside direct sales.

For Equipment Manufacturers and Component Vendors, remote data access means a policy of continuous improvement can be implemented without impacting core customer application activity. In essence, netFIELD is an advanced service solution capable of being used on-premise or remotely to provide the customer with an overview of machine health status and productivity at any time and from any location. Results include better prescriptive maintenance and asset management, and easier staff succession planning. Data remains within a user's own ecosystem and netFIELD solutions can co-exist with existing control networks, with no interruptions.

The netFIELD Portfolio comprises four broad areas:


  • netFIELD Device: Sensor-level devices communicating operational (OT) data to netFIELD Edge gateways via Real-time Ethernet networks.
  • netFIELD Edge: Gateway devices for data aggregation and "on-premise" processing using "container" apps. Includes bi-directional communications with the netFIELD Cloud and third-party clouds.
  • netFIELD Cloud:

         o    Platform: Administration and support of an entire netFIELD deployment as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) running in the cloud.
         o    Portal: Web-based User Interface (UI) for remotely managing the netFIELD Platform and its connected netFIELD Edge gateways and Applications.

  • netFIELD Application: Container applications running on netFIELD Edge gateways and providing functions such as configuration, OPC UA and connectivity to commercial clouds.


Hilscher offers "on-board" training and support to make netFIELD deployments as simple as possible, particularly for first-time users.