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How Advanced Gateways With Various Industrial Protocols Can Expand OEM Markets


It can be challenging for OEMs to reach the entire factory automation market in a landscape of various communication protocols. Fortunately, at Hilscher we overcome these issues with a universal fieldbus gateway product line. The flagship netTAP 100 enables diverse protocol conversion, allowing an OEM to incorporate its product in an expanded range of networks and protocols.


As a specific example, Hilscher connected a PROFIBUS machine to an EtherNet/IP network, opening up new connectivity and logistics capabilities. In another case, a customer is able to achieve high-speed logistics when using multiple communications standards. An in-house solution, which involves implementing SIMATICS controllers with multiple devices across various industrial protocols, requires custom coding that can quickly drive costs and decrease your productivity.


The high-end netTAP 100 gateway can join two different networks and features full master/slave support. Thanks to this capability, you can easily integrate individual field devices or plant-wide systems into the existing communication infrastructure. In addition, the netTAP 100 is equipped with an SD card slot to back up firmware and device configuration. This feature also facilitates device swaps, making the replacement device ready for operation in mere seconds.


Since protocol conversions are available as loadable firmware, setup is easy. Simply configure the gateway as needed with the free software. When it’s time to integrate your gateway into your network, we’re here to support you during every step of the process, including configuration and technical support. Not only is it hassle-free to implement the netTAP 100 into your operation, this gateway is also open to custom ASCII conversions using netSCRIPT, our Lua-based scripting tool.


Additional netTAP 100 features include:


Less than 10 ms I/O data conversion rate.

Exchange devices in seconds via memory card.

Loadable firmware for flexible conversions.

Configuration via USB connection.





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