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10th Anniversary for Connector-Style PROFIBUS/PROFINET Converter

netLINK PROXY, Hilscher’s unique connector-style PROFIBUS/PROFINET converter, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.  The device incorporates everything needed to convert PROFIBUS data into PROFINET data and is the simplest, least costly and most convenient way of integrating PROFIBUS devices into Real Time PROFINET networks.

netLINK PROXY is a true success story. It’s providing easy access to PROFINET for thousands of PROFIBUS networks across the world and comes at a very attractive price compared to the costs of a system redesign or replacement, or the use of an expensive gateway product.

Fully certified on the PROFINET side, it is simply plugged onto the existing DSUB9 connector of any PROFIBUS device. A PC app converts the device's PROFIBUS GSD file into a PROFINET GSDML file to get the bus master configured. Its Ethernet port supports configuration and the PROFINET interface at the same time.

During operation the connector maps the cyclic PROFIBUS I/O data, the DPV1 services and even alarms transparently in PROFINET. In many cases, PLC programs do not have to be changed, especially for systems already using Siemens S7 PROFIBUS PLC technology.

netLINK PROXY features full alarm, diagnostics and DPV1 support.

The netLINK Proxy requires a 24V supply. During mounting the voltage can be tapped comfortably from the DP-Slave and applied to the 2-pin COMBICON connector. The short distance on PROFIBUS renders a bus terminal resistor unnecessary.