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netJACK Press Release

Release July 2012

LISLE, ILLINOIS - Hilscher has launched a family of network interface modules called netJACK, to quickly and easily add or change fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet protocols in automation devices. Thirteen different protocols are supported, including fieldbuses, such as DeviceNet and PROFIBUS, and Industrial Ethernet protocols, such as EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and PROFINET, in both master and slave versions. Configuring an automation product to use a particular protocol is just a matter of inserting the appropriate netJACK module.

?We see increasing demand from vendors, OEMs and end users for versatile networking,? says Hilscher Product Manager Christof Hunger. ?No one wants to build special designs for every protocol. They want to be able to add the different protocols easily and quickly to a product to meet any need, and change protocols quickly ?in the field if necessary.?

The IP 40-rated netJACK module uses a simple connection interface to the host that reduces parts costs by eliminating components such as mounting rails. For vendors and OEMs, netJACK reduces integration and stocking costs because only one product design is needed to meet a wide range of protocol choices. Three interface options will be offered. PCI Express versions for the device vendor and OEM markets, and Dual Port Memory (DPM) versions for embedded systems are available now. A fast Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) version is expected in the fourth quarter of 2012.

The netJACK is based on Hilscher's family of netX chips, which supports all popular industrial networking protocols. In addition to communications, netX has enough processing power to include value-added functions such as control. "It is this added-value factor combined with fewer parts that puts netJACK ahead of the competition. We expect softPLC applications to be available by year end," adds Hunger.

Hilscher can help engineer netJACK integration for vendors and OEMs. The netX chip carries a 10 year-availability guarantee.

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Hilscher GmbH specializes in products, technologies and services at the leading edge of industrial communications. Core products include gateways, PC cards, embedded modules, chips, controllers and

supporting software stacks. Hilscher'?s netX system-on-a-chip solution is a highly integrated network controller optimized for communication and maximum data throughput. netX provides the universal connectivity backbone for the company?s extensive family of network interface products and custom solutions.

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