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Support for multiple Real-Time Ethernet ports on one board

cifX - the ultimate network controller

If you've fallen in love with Hilscher's talented netX chip and want to network your next generation of automation products with a genuine Real-Time Ethernet solution, consider our industry-beating cifX board. One board with one driver covers a range of protocol options, each program configured to be what you need it to be - quickly and cost-effectively. Just one card - in either PCI or PCI Express format - covers everything on the communications menu. Think of the flexibility! A common product design based on a single operating system, configured for your customer's requirements on-demand.

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With cifX, Hilscher provides a solution that supports all major protocols, using netX as the network controller and SDRAM, thus offering maximum performance, functionality and flexibility in a cost-effective module. Supported protocols include EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, POWERLINK, and SERCOS III.

cifX also offers the following benefits:

  • One PC Card that runs master and slave protocols
  • Data exchange via dual-port memory (DPM) or direct memory access (DMA)
  • Unified user interface for the various protocols
  • Ten-year availability commitment
  • SyCon.net configuration tool based on FDT/DTM technology

Above all, the flexibility of our offer means fast product development, single-product families, simple engineering, and rapid configuration using tools with a common look and feel. Why not see for yourself? First, download our technical brochure. Then contact Phil Marshall for more information about cifX and your products.