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netDIMM 4000 SoM Launched


This System on Module (SoM) board can embed IIoT functionality and security into devices and systems today.  Called netDIMM 4000, the module is a “ready-to-solder” design that can provide a short-cut to market for vendors. Slaves for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT are available now. Masters are coming shortly. Using Hilscher’s latest Dual Stack architecture (see separate story) it can even integrate IIOT-necessary technologies such as OPC UA and MQT right into your system’s infrastructure, making them IIOT-ready at the start.

Watch netDIMM 4000 2-minute Video

netDIMM 4000 is a ready-to-use module for embedding advanced IIoT functionality and Real-time Ethernet (RTE) connectivity into industrial automation products easily and quickly. It can dramatically simplify product designs, cutting time to market and letting device vendors focus on what they know best - the product itself.

netDIMM 4000 is based on Hilscher’s unique netX 4000 chip, which Hilscher North America Phil Marshall says is one of the most advanced and complex chips Hilscher has ever introduced.   “It takes a lot of time and effort to get it working,” he says, “and not all sensor vendors want to go through that process.  netDIMM 4000 is a ‘System-on-Module’ that is ready-to-use and includes everything needed for data capture from any sensor type, from simple digital I/O to advanced motion control systems.  So, it provides an immediate solution that is far easier to integrate.”

netX 4000 is divided into two parts – communications and applications – each having its own processor.  This separation protects apps from external security risks and, along with other internal security features (such as secure boot, ‘root of trust’ software and keys-based encryption), enables equipment to be designed to meet IEC 62343 security standards.

On the comms side there are two Gbit Ethernet ports for cloud connectivity, plus up to 4 RTE ports for standard indfustrial control. Other features include up to 2GB DDR3 and 4GB Flash available to the application. LINUX BSP is available from Github free of charge.

Hilscher’s 25 year guaranteed supply means that long product lifetimes are supported.  Users are protected against rapid technology changes because Hilscher continually updates the module, relieving users of the responsibilities of mid-life redesigns and product obsolescence.

Fully certified RTE slave versions for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT are available now. Master versions will be available in Q2/2019.   Contact Hilscher for more information