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PRODUCT NEWS: New Chips Ready for IIoT Markets

Winter 2016

Hilscher's family of netX chips have been continuously extended over the years. New ASICs netX 90 and netX 4000 now support even greater IIoT functionality.

Says CEO Phil Marshall: "Today, we have 17 different protocol stacks running on 7 different ASICS. netX 90 and netX 4000 represent ten years of experience in chip design for automation. Both are 'System on Chips' (SoC) with dual processors - one for the network stack and a separate stack for a host application. The second core can be used with any operating system and has JTAG ports for debugging.

"The netX 90 is intended for low cost slaves while netX 4000 is a controller class chip. Both have built in IIoT capabilities so they are future proof, with components for Secure Boot, Encryption, TSN and embedded IIoT services such as OPC UA and MQTT among others. Both will be crucial to IIoT markets in the next few years." Want more information? Send Phil Marshall an EMAIL or click HERE