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COMPANY NEWS: Collaboration Delivers Factory Data to IIoT Analytics

Winter 2016

Hilscher North America has formed an IIoT Solutions Marketing Cooperation with two other USA companies in a collaborative effort to support sales of high value Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions in global industrial automation markets.

SCADA-supplier Inductive Automation and middleware-vendor Cirrus Link Solutions already supply customer-facing IIoT infrastructure solutions. Coupled with the data-gathering capabilities of Hilscher’s netIOT Edge Gateways, the collaboration will deliver rich and easy-to-use access to factory floor data across the enterprise.


 Inductive Automation's Chief Strategy Officer Don Pearson said: "Our Ignition SCADA platform is modular and our unique licensing model offers almost unlimited scalability at an attractive price. Cirrus Link Solutions's MQTT-based middleware transfers meaningful data from Hilscher's netIOT Edge Gateways into Ignition, making operational data from the factory floor readily available to whoever needs it. With 1500 Ignition System Integrators operating globally we believe we are collectively opening up completely new markets for our products."



Cirrus Link CTO Arlen Nipper, one of the co-inventors of the MQTT protocol, said that Cirrus Link has created an open interface specification called Sparkplug to ensure that data from netIOT Edge Gateways is meaningful. "Raw factory floor data is unstructured and anonymous. Sparkplug adds context into the MQTT topic namespace and payload definitions to make the data immediately useful via the Ignition dashboard," he added. "The combination of Ignition, Hilscher and ourselves offers unprecedented potential for analytical processing, predictive maintenance and MES to be deployed in extremely competitive ways."



Craig Lentzkow, Hilscher’s IIoT Business Development Manager said: “This agreement is symptomatic of a new trend in automation – no one can do IIoT alone. As OT [operational technology] merges with IT [information technology], there’s more and more call for data to be made available across the enterprise. Our collaborative solution is open and offers fresh options for making quantum leaps in manufacturing and management efficiency. And we can deliver this today!” INDUCTIVE AUTOMATION. CIRRUS LINK SOLUTIONS. HILSCHER EDGE GATEWAYS.